I am a candidate for Palo Verde Health Care District Board

WHO am I: Rosalie Rene Carlton, I was born and raised in Blythe I am the daughter of Gilbert and Frances Guilin. I grew up with a family of 9 siblings, an independent hard working family. My husband of 23 years is Larry Carlton. I was appointed to the Palo Verde Health Care District in 2011. I bring 18 years of experience as a peace officer through employment with the State of AZ Department of Transportation MVD, 14 years as a Field Administrative Specialist with El Paso Natural Gas Company (retired) and currently, employed as Senior PGD Business Technician with Nextera Energy Corporation. I gained experience through prior service on the PVHC Board of Directors in 2007 and 2009. For the last 8 years I am an active member of Soroptimist International, a volunteer service organization for business and professional women who work to improve the lives of woman in local communities and throughout the world. I co-chair the annual health fair; help with service projects and fundraising for our community and the House of Hope. I have participated through my employer to log my volunteer hours of community service which rewards me by giving back financial support to the organization. I was instrumental in getting a 5k grant from my past employer to help build the Appleby School Playground.

Why did I choose to be a candidate?

I started attending hospital board meetings in 2007 and I was selected after I applied for vacancies in between elections 2007, 2009 and 2011. I didn't understand why there was always controversy. I felt that with my employment background experience I could bring my business practice, public relations skills and other ideas to the board. I have lots of experience being on the board dealing with negotiations, opinions, different personalities, decisions, and obstacles. One thing I have learned, the Board is ultimately responsible for the PVHCD. After being appointed as incumbent, I decided to run for a 4 year term, so that I can be involved in the front of decisions for the future of our hospital keeping your best interest, voice and trust in mind. I have no conflict of interest or financial gain. As a current incumbent I sit on a team that I greatly respect, trust and have allegiance to. We remain viable, creating an atmosphere of democracy in which were no longer dominant. We're a good team with a diversity of qualifications and backgrounds which fit into a lot of the aspects of overseeing our hospital. In addition, we are all involved in the sphere of community involvement.

I ask questions. Why can't we do this? What about this?

We need stability not turmoil. Currently under the existing Board direction, we have a highly qualified administration that stays focused on the ball, not politics; we give them the empowerment to make executive decisions and recommendations for our hospital's future. They have been around long enough to get familiar with the community and our history of our hospital. They can manage obstacles and be able to see positive outcomes. Currently, we employ 160, diversified qualified staffs that are roots to the success with a drive to make things better and work towards meeting our goals for improving patient care, services and business aspects. We also embrace our volunteer auxiliary that dedicate their time for you and are passionate for the sick.

Okay, let's concentrate on what service and resources you want our hospital to offer you. Currently, PVH is here for you and our community is focused on full-service, professional and compassionate care. From Intensive Care to Imaging, ER to General Medical Services. We're here for you, for your family, for our community - 24 hours a day.

What are your needs? What do you want the leadership to do for you?

From our PVH July 2011- Jun 2012, Fiscal Summary of Capital Assets Report we have approximately $2,987,468, accumulated from 2007-2012, the majority 2012.
2011-2012, End of the Fiscal Report cash & cash equivalents, totaled $6,619,369.

Here are some of the accomplishments I have been part of since I have been a board member.

  • Approved for a CAT Scan & PAC System
  • We purchased 25 new patient beds
  • Purchased Electronic Medical Record System
  • Installed a wireless infrastructure
  • We have a new cooling tower
  • Approved for a new Digital Radiology and Mammography equipment and renovation.
  • Upgraded the televisions in the patient rooms.
  • Approved an employee performance based annual compensation adjustment.
  • Approved new Emergency Room Contractor Group
  • Implemented new color coded staff uniforms
  • Added roll out wall boards to continue addressing patient comfort and safety.
  • Fixed the leaky roof
  • Approved cafeteria to a company with advanced knowledge of providing the best nutritional needs for our patients.
  • Offered two scholarships for nurses to further their education.
  • Were currently waiting on approval from OSHPD to complete the Edison service upgrade to our transformers.
  • A leader demonstrates positive behaviors that promote encouragement and drive engagement! Do you take ownership of personal engagement to be highly engaged?

    I have heard your voice for the improvement of a more caring and comfortable emergency room visit with immediate attention from the working physicians. Our management is paying close attention, to reports of any deficiencies and complaints. We are listening and we also ask for your positive feedback as well.

  • We need your support and utilization ; ask your doctor to refer you to our hospital for services currently offered instead of going out of town. We want to take care of you!
  • Advocate for bringing a diversity of medical services and doctors!
  • Attend Monthly Meetings to keep up with our action plans and share your voice!
  • Engage with Board Members in offering your view points and needs!
  • Talk to your legislature; get them familiar with your Community Hospital!
  • Keep in touch with your hospital by logging into the paloverdehospital.org
  • I'm your voice for approving additional patient care services; facility upgrades; I'm your eyes for verifying solvencies; you're sense for consideration to the uncertainty of healthcare legislature and reimbursement. I aim for our community owned Palo Verde Hospital, be recognized as the place for healing, finding comfort, professionalism and a place to work.

    I leave you with one thought. I intend to be part of a team that will continue to push for continuous improvement and search for best patient care and business goals. Goals that are achievable for the short and long term, making a difference every day!